Community manager needed in newsroom

August 21, 2008 § Leave a comment

Up until now, I have been the lone “web person” in the news room. I shoot and edit video and audio. I create web packages, I manage our digital content including Twitter, daily news webcast, a couple of community social network and I act as new media advocate in the newsroom.

Community outreach is the aspect of my job that has suffered the most because of all these duties.  Making those connections with community leaders. Getting the community to join and participate in the social networks. Promoting our web content where it matters most: at the school board meetings, at the little league games, in the coffee shops, wherever the community is. You know, community organizing as David Cohn wrote in a recent post:

“It’s often said that the job description for journalists are changing and that part of the new job is ‘community manager’ – sometimes called the ‘network weaver.’

What they do is organize communities – and while it might not FEEL like media, it is. We may not call them “journalists” but they are helping to inform citizens so they can make decisions in a healthy democracy. They collect, filter and distribute information. Sounds like journalism to me.”

I recently found out that we’re going to hire a part-time “web person” who will take on those roles in the community that I haven’t been able to fill. Sure he/she will shoot some video, post some breaking news items, fix online headlines, etc. but more importantly this person will be out away from the office, away from the computer screen.


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