Blogging insight from reporter Sheila Hagar

November 25, 2008 § Leave a comment

We recently relaunched our blogs over at Our initial go at it was rather unsuccessful – poorly promoted, not easily found, not updated enough. We relaunched using WordPress and promoted better and mad sure all bloggers understood the need to post frequently. The traffic to the blogs has increased significantly, especially Sheila’s – From The Storage Room.

Sat down with her to discuss her experience and to find out what she has taken away from blogging.


Sheila and I briefly touch up on the fact that to be truly successful you need to engage the public. Seek out other bloggers. Link to them and they will reciprocate. Or as Pat Thornton says:

All fine, but if you really want your blog to get noticed (especially if it’s an independent blog), you need to join the community. If you’re blogging about journalism, start mixing it up on other journalism blogs.


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