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August 21, 2008 § Leave a comment

One of my upcoming projects to creat a network of niche podcasts that will primarily be produced and “star” community members. You know, the experts in their respective fields of interest. It’s not about producing content that you “think” the community wants. It’s about engaging the community.

There are plenty of wine enthusiasts in our community since it is located in a wine producing valley. Many of these people have wine blogs, some own online wine shops, some make the wine and many drink and love to talk about it. Why not find a few that would be comfortable in front of the camera and let them go at it. Let them bring their passion and their personality and share their knowledge about wine. We’ve got the resources as far as video equipment and we have the distribution channels (for all practical purposes our paper is the main media outlet in our town.)

How about a local high school sports podcast? Well let’s find a couple of outgoing “armchair quarterbacks,” put a mic in front of them and let them dissect the latest football or basketball game. Create a community around the podcast. Let people send questions or comment about the sports scene and then address these concerns on the show.

I’ve contacted several local bloggers to gauge their interest in such a venture and I have been very pleased to hear their positive responses. Over the next few months we will be rolling out new online products including a “wine and dine” site and I am hoping that these community led podcasts will be an integral piece of our new online offerings. What do you think? Could it work in your town?


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