Talking about community wikis

December 10, 2011 § 5 Comments

I recently came across an open-source platform to drive community-based wikis. It currently powers Denton Wiki. It reminded my of one of my New Years work-related resolution from 2009 – to start a community Wiki.

That resolution never got anywhere, mostly because it didn’t really fit my schedule of projects and because at the time the process for setting up useful wiki was still daunting. The Local Wiki project seems to have solved that hurdle. From the demo video, it’s pretty feature rich and has a slick admin interface. Easy to set up pages, create templates, manage media files and a nice mapping feature.

In the next month or so I’m hoping we’ll be able to install this and start playing around with a local wiki.

In the meantime, we’ll need to start brainstorming to develop a framework of pages/categories and also develop a list of local agencies that could become partners. And I envision monthly meet-ups to keep the community involved and aware of the project.

Some early ideas for pages that fit our community:

  • History
  • Architecture
  • Sports
  • Wine
  • Agriculture
  • Schools
  • Arts
  • Music
  • Parks

I’ll be posting updates as we move forward.

I’d love to hear from anyone that has helped set up  or is involved in maintaining a community wiki or if you have an upcoming project using Local Wiki.


2009 – New year brings new goals

January 2, 2009 § 1 Comment

New years’ resolutions. We all make them. I’ve made my fair share of them and I’m pretty sure my success rate is in the single digits percentage-wise. But that is not going to stop me this year. This year I’ve got 3 sets of resolutions – family, personal, work. My family resolutions mean the most to me and are the most personal (yeah even more personal than my “personal” resolutions) so I’ll keep those private. But I’ll share the others.

Personal resolutions for 2009

  • Work out and lose 10 lbs. In actuality, I should lose about 15-20 lbs but 2009 isn’t about torturing myself.
  • Blog/Podcast at least 3 times per week. That includes this blog and a couple others I’ve floating around.
  • Complete one creative project per month. That would include: screenprinting, music, video and writing.
  • Read 2 books per month. At the very least, read one per month. We’ve got a bookcase full of Maria‘s books that I should dive into.
  • Join at least one adult sports league. I’m looking at you basketball. 

Work resolutions for 2009

  • Grow our Walla Walla social network to 1,000 members by the end of the year. We are currently at 35. So ….
  • From the social network spin off a Walla Walla Wiki page.
  • Drive more traffic (a lot more) to our online sports content. It drives me mad how little traffic it currently generates. That means expanding our coverage to include “live” score updates from games.
  • Help move the newsroom to more mobile reporting. That means laptops, text messaging, Twittering, live video. Which means using services such as Twitter, Seesmic, CoveritLive, Flickr, Ustream, Twitpic and others.
  • Increase traffic to by 25-30% by year end. More quality, engaging, informative, and yes, entertaining videos with better promotion.

So there they are. There they are indeed. The difference this year with my resolutions is that I am broadcasting it to the world. In the past I could eventually “lose” my list and therefore not feel obliged to complete any of them.

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