We know social media and we must embrace it

January 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Working for a news organization in a small rural town, we have been at the forefront of social media in our small city. We were on Twitter back when there were a total of about 5 results when you did a Twitter search for Walla Walla . And while were weren’t the first company in Walla Walla to jump onto Facebook we were the first to use it as a promotional platform for local businesses and partners. ¬†How many community news organizations can say they have a social media coordinator on staff? And still we find ourselves on the outside looking in when social media workshops are hosted locally.

What to do? Host our own workshop is what to do. In collaboration with the local chamber of commerce we will be hosting an lunch-time workshop presented to local business leaders. I’ll be making the opening presentation and Jeremy Gonzalez will be covering how we are using Facebook, video and Twitter to help connect local audiences with local businesses. I’ll post a follow up after the workshop. What’s that saying? If you can’t join them, beat them? Or at least host a workshop to demonstrate your social media expertise.


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